Fitabase is Coming

We've been running a private beta of Fitabase and we're really excited about what comes next -- the chance to open it up to the world. What is Fitabase? It's an analytic layer on top of wearable, internet-connected health devices. We've started with the Fitbit line of trackers. Who is Fitabase for? It's for anyone trying to experiment with the data that comes out of these devices.

Microsoft's BizSpark Plus Program

Another great announcement we can make before launch is our acceptance in to the Microsoft BizSpark Plus program, giving us access to $60,000 worth of cloud infrastructure on the Windows Azure Plaftorm FOR FREE! Creating a truly powerful analytic tool on top of the vast data that these new devices are capable of isn't easy. What we now have access to from the great people at Microsoft will mean we can:

  • Scale the service to large amounts of devices effortlessly
  • Provide incredible performance with tons of computing power
  • Maintain a high level of security and reliability on an impressive and growing global network of datacenters
Why build an analytic platform if you're a health app company?

Because you can't change what you can't measure. We plan to surface meaningful, actionable, concrete insights that help our products and other experimenters understand trends in behavior data.

Next Steps for Fitabase and Small Steps Labs

As soon as we go in to public beta, the plan is to hear from you about what kinds of experiments or projects you're doing. We're interested in how you consume this data, what you're looking for, and what you might consider building on top of, or in conjunction with a rich and powerful data gathering and analytic platform. Get in touch with your ideas and projects, we still have room for launch partners.



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