We're excited to announce a new experiment we're launching we call Tappy Fit. It's a difficult game that gets a little easier if you get more daily steps and is paired with Fitbit data.

We built this after thinking about what the casual gamer does in his/her life. Whether it be on the bus, in the checkout line, or in carved out time during a lunch break there are micro moments of attention ripe for health intervention. Then we looked at the App Store and saw a flood of simple games on the top charts. However, the existing flying character genre reportedly produced some addictive and negative impacts on lives. The idea to integrate daily steps came into place after thinking about how we might reframe the addictive nature positively for health. Best yet, it took just a few days to develop as started with an open source project and adapted it to connect to the Fitbit API.

There is plenty of literature that suggests keeping people mindful of their daily physical activity level makes them more likely to increase it. There are also lots of “health games” meant to be played at the gym, during a run, or in front of a screen. The Wii Fit and XBox Kinect for example engage you in the moment. The goal with Tappy Fit was that the sum total of movement from your entire day, week, or month is what influences the gameplay and I can't recall any other examples of that.

We're launching this as an experiment. We're not sure what to expect but since we also happen to maintain a great analytic platform for working with Fitbit data called Fitabase we think we can measure how game play translates to real world movement trends.

We're hoping to see that letting Fitbit data bleed into casual gaming shows an increase in daily steps for those who play the game often. Either way we'll learn something and happily publish what we've observed. We're not exclusively a game company, but interested generally in what kinds of experiences can be built upon self-gathered data. Regardless of if we see any impact with Tappy Fit there are lots of other experiments we and organizations we might partner with intend to run in the future.

If you'd like to partner with us on something you're interested in working please get in touch.

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